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History of the Harley-Davidson Springfield Mile

The Harley-Davidson Springfield Mile ran its first AMA national in 1937. From 1946 to 1953 the championship was determined by winning this one race. This is how Springfield became so legendary and so prestigious. The race ran annually from 1946 to 1966 during the Illinois State Fair. Unfortunately, the city of Springfield said the event was no longer welcome because of some trouble caused by some unruly fans.

In 1981 the Illinois Motorcycle Dealers Association (IMDA) convinced the city to let the race return and it went so well that it returned as a national in 1982. It was their foresight and unrelenting determination that made the Springfield Mile possible. The IMDA members volunteered their time and efforts to build this race back to the quality event it is today. They quickly developed it into the semi-annual holiday weekend tradition that comes every Memorial Day and Labor Day. They added the new TT and Short Track races to the weekends in the new arena where a track didn't exist. Today the city welcomes the motorcycle enthusiasts and appreciates the business they bring with them.

Since the IMDA brought the mile back they have hosted 68 mile national events at this legendary track. In 2015 after giving so much and looking for some rest, they partnered with Kiesow Racing to take over promoting the event. Dave and Tommra Kiesow have worked with/ for the IMDA for 20 years. They have worked passionately to keep this race going and plan to continue the tradition for many years to come.

The rider with the most wins at The Springfield Mile is the legendary Scott Parker. He won it 14 times including when he came back after retirement in 2000 just to run this one race. Chris Carr is close behind him with 12 wins. Bryan Smith, the current racer with the most wins has 6 so he has a few years to go to have a chance to break these records.